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Terms and conditions

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The content of the site is designated for clients of the owner of the site: Itzick Simon Insurance Agency (2016) Ltd. (hereinafter: “IS”) and for their personal use only with the aim of providing them with information concerning a diverse range of tools and services that IS supplies to its clients.
In order to facilitate lawful use of the site and in order to avoid actions being performed in breach of the rights of IS or the rights of any third party, we consider it appropriate to summarise the terms of use and the privacy policy of the IS site in this document.

The site does not constitute part of the services that IS will supply on request to IS, and only after receiving relevant information will IS supply its designated services to its clients.
The contents of the site shall not constitute a substitute for professional advice and do not exhaust the professional topics and subjects known to IS including commercial services that IS has developed based on its accumulative experience over many years which will be provided to the clients of IS in the manners of communication appearing in the site and in accordance with the conditions that will be agreed with them and subject to all relevant legal provisions.

Where applicable, these terms and conditions have been worded in the masculine, however they apply to any user regardless of gender, religion or race.

IS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time at its discretion. If you intend to make any use of the site based on these terms and conditions, please review the updated terms and conditions at the relevant time.

The terms and conditions of use apply in addition to all other provisions appearing in the site and in the event of any discrepancy; these terms and conditions will prevail if not stated expressly otherwise.
Anyone in breach of the terms and conditions will be subject to civil action and penalties as laid out in the law.

IS owns all proprietary rights and all authorities required in connection with this site including trademarks, graphics, content and the like and provision of access to the site or information in the site may not be interpreted as granting permission or license to utilise the intellectual property of IS or of any third party.

Information and content
The user is responsible for the use of the content of the site.

The site contains content concerning various matters relating to the construction and insurance industries and associated topics and subjects. Part of the content arises from information provided by third parties to IS or various publications. This content does not constitute a substitute to professional advice or comprehensive information, provided direct in the framework of the services that IS supplies to its clients.

Similarly and for the sake of avoidance of doubt the terms and conditions of the insurance cover appear in the policy that may be issued by the relevant insurance company and the content of this site does not substitute, add or derogate from the terms and conditions of any such policy.

Similarly, despite the fact that IS makes an effort to ensure that the content appearing on its behalf is accurate, it is possible that the content may be partially incomplete or inaccurate or contain errors including due to replying on information from third parties, changes to circumstances or other changes which were unknown to IS at the time of uploading the content.

Accordingly, since the insurance industry is subject to regulation and control and depends on insuring entities that alter their terms and conditions from time to time – the diverse range of possibilities and solution for our clients is examined on an individual basis and in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws at the time of providing the services and personally by a representative of IS.

Links to other sites wherever appearing in the site shall not derogate from the aforementioned conditions of use and these conditions of use shall not substitute the terms and conditions of the use of third party sites. 
If the content of the site contains any error, misleading, ambiguous, offensive or unlawful statement, we should appreciate if you would notify us immediately by writing to itzick@simon-ins.co.il  
Privacy and data collection
IS collects browsing data in order to operate efficiently and provide you with the best user experience in the site and for security purposes. The information does not include personal information, other than information that you willingly provide in the framework of the site.

When completing your details, these details will be entered into a third party system in order to process the information and submit the information to IS for ongoing handling.

Similarly, IS, or its authorised representatives, may use information provided by you in order to contact you, offer you services of IS from time to time and provide you with suitable products.

Submitting information to a third party will be subject to their agreement to the use condition and in any case in which a court injunction is issued or if IS is of the opinion that submitting the information is essential to the security of a third party or to protect the interests of IS including preventing misuse of the site or associated systems.

The user is entitled to contact IS and request deletion or review or correction of information provided by IS after being identified by IS.

Errors and omissions
IS shall not be liable for any interruptions or interference or faults of any type in operating the site, the input of data, memory limitations or any other technical restriction that prevents or interrupts use of the site.
It is hereby clarified that IS shall be entitled to take action against any user who breaches these terms of usage by any legal means at their disposal including blocking their access to the site.

These terms of usage were prepared bearing in mind the provisions of Israeli law. The sole and exclusive seat of jurisdiction of any dispute arising from use of the site is a competent court in Tel Aviv and furthermore the laws of the State of Israel and these only will apply to use of the site.

A considerable amount of thought and time has been invested in this site to provide the user with the best experience and service. It is important to comply with the conditions of these terms of usage to enable these aims to be accomplished.